Environmental policy

Fantails is a small company operating out of a workshop in Swanage Town. As there is only one person in the workshop the impact on the environment is very small. However, we have some measures in place to reduce the amount of waste. Mainly this is -

The efficient use of our basic materials and operating a “use it up policy.”

This entails using timber that is perfect on the face side and any flaws( a rare occurrence) are hidden on the reverse.  This does not mean that we are using substandard materials, on the contrary, we use only the best grade of Western red cedar and joinery grade Scandinavian Red Pine. 

 Ordering the appropriate length to cut down wasted “ends”.

 We only purchase timber from companies that have strict environmental policies in place and a suppliers chain of custody certificate. CSA. FSC and PEFC.

Using our works vehicle only where necessary.

Re using paper which is printed on one side only.

Where possible, buying materials and fixings that are manufactured in the UK.

Re using sections of our trade stand when exhibiting where possible without looking “stale”, and plants from previous years if still looking good.

Ensuring that our customers are available to take delivery of our products without our carriers having to “call again”.

Not handing out expensive glossy brochures unnecessarily.  90% end in the bin.

All this is sound business sense as well as reducing our impact on the environment.

Des Bennett


Adirondack Bench Single Swing Seat with Frame Adirondack Chair Weathered Double Swing Seat with frame Family Swing Seat with frame Adirondack Chair